LTP Services, Inc. provides environmental management services for the owners of small and mid-size businesses. While we also do work for larger firms, our focus is small business. We look out for the overall interest of the business and will manage firms that provide other services for the owner while making sure that these services are provided in a professional and cost effective manner.

We can also assist in developing requests for proposals (RFPs) and contracting for:

 Engineering services.

 Geological Services

 Legal services.

 Surveying services.

 Laboratory and analytical services.

Our business relationships with numerous companies, including engineering firms, environmental law firms, surveyors, landscape architects, field sampling firms and laboratories that provide these services assure our clients that they obtain needed services to satisfy environmental requirements.

LTP Services, Inc. can:

 Perform environmental audits to identify areas of non-compliance.

 Assist in responding to regulatory inspections and/or notices of violation.

 Develop management systems to monitor and manage compliance issues.

 Manage permitting issues, including Air, Water and Solid Waste.

 Manage environmentally related public relations issues.

 Assist in identifying and contracting for solid and hazardous waste disposal.

 Manage SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review Act) issues.

 Manage outside technical and legal consultants

LTP Services, Inc. has also assisted clients in applying for NYS Economic Development Grants for environmental improvements that result in increased employment. One client recently was awarded a $232,000 grant to assist in the purchase of equipment that was used to recycle a material that had been a solid waste.